Eshet Chayil of Hip Hop

Lea's Debut Music Video

What happens when Hasidism meets Hip Hop?


"Eshet Chayil of Hip Hop" happens. Filmed on the urban streets of New York City and the holy footpaths of Jerusalem, it is the creation of two clashing worlds.

It all started in 2017 when Lea took a class on hip hop culture with a teacher named DJ Rabbi Darkside. At the same time she was cruising with Hasidim all over Brooklyn, blasting Hasidic music through their open car windows. That's when she knew: I want to be the new Hip Hop Jew....and the rest is history...well, not quite yet. If you are curious to know more about the why, what, who, where, and how, then please continue to read here.

Ongoing Projects

In Love With A Dream! A One-Woman Show

From rap to rhumba, hip hop to hasidic—Lea mixes everything. Her show is an autobiography in song, rap, and comedy; a high-energy reflection on her clash of expectations and real life experiences.
She is a Jewish, dynamic, brunette twenty-something who recounts, from the perspective of "a new artist with an old soul," her ripening in the five years since she left Switzerland in 2014 for New York.
Lea falls on her tukhes, flirts with tradition and fights to keep dreaming.
The performance is in English sprinkled with Yiddish, German and Spanish.

Lea has performed her show in venues across NYC, Boston and Zurich, Switzerland. 

Lea sings Yiddish 

"Lea sings Yiddish with a touch of glamour, but above all with heart and soul", Omanut.

Lea loves Yiddish. Why? Because it touches her Neshume (soul). Because it's THE Jewish language. Because it describes the Jewish life of an irrevocably lost time. It's nostalgic. But funny. And sad. And rich in gestures, rich in sounds, rich in history and humor. And, no other language describes her problems so accurately:

"Men ken nisht tantsn af zvey khasenes mit eyn tukhes! " (You can't dance at two weddings with one butt)- but Lea Kalisch can, or at least she tries.

Revival the Show

Lea is a singer in REVIVAL, a spiritual folk-rock show with themes of love and justice. REVIVAL performs original story driven music by Kristen Plylar-Moore in synagogues, churches and other interfaith spaces in the tri-state area. Learn more about REVIVAL here