My  work is BOLD.


"Her limp is more like a spastic jump, yet she arouses more respect than pity.." Victoria Ordin about Lea in the role of Hindl

"Lea Kalisch is one extraordinary ball of fire full of ambition and guts but also full of paradoxes and questions" anonymous on Show Score

"She is making a niche for herself as a female shtreimel wearing rapper in Yiddish. " Jeanmarie Lally on show score



 Like a collage. I am a singer who dances, an actress who raps, an old soul who loves new things, all in one, never one thing.

The word for passion in German is Leidenschaft. Leiden means suffering, schaft means creature.

Who is Lea?

Lea is a multi-lingual and multi-disciplinary New York City based Performer. Originally from Switzerland, Lea moved to NYC in 2014 to study at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. She earned a BFA in Musical Theater from The New School.

Lea has an insatiable curiosity for life and loves to use her vigorous enthusiasm to entertain and challenge audiences as much as herself.

Lea is a former professional figure-skater who always enjoyed ice-shows much more than competitions, and yet her art is her sport.

She is Jewish with all her heart and feels Latin with all her hips.
What is Swiss about her? She has an obsession for everything that contains chocolate and she ticks
like a Swiss Swatch